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We specialise in agricultural tyres, with on-farm service.
We supply new tyres, and also have in stock up to 200 used agricultural tyres, which are available for sale, or to be fitted immediately as a loan tyre, to keep you moving while your tyre is repaired or a replacement sourced.

At All Tyres, we specialise in agricultural tyre sales and service:

  • On-farm service
  • Loan tyre service with immediate on-farm fitting
  • Tractor tyres
  • Implement tyres
  • ATV tyres
  • Dual tractor wheel systems
  • Extensive selection of used agricultural tyres
  • Vulcanising Specialists

Loan Tyre Service
Our extensive stock of used agricultural tyres (featured below) is available for immediate fitting as a loan tyre while your own tyre is repaired, or a replacement sourced.

Tractor tyres
New and used. Trade-ins accepted.

Other brands available on request in radial and crossply.


Vredestein Traxxion XXL

Vredestein tyres have been developed in the Netherlands and deliver tyre performance around the globe. Their long service life and optimal-performance lug design make them ideally suited to the heavy work demands of New Zealand contractors and large scale farmers. s. In the field their self-cleaning tractor lugs deliver maximum traction – which means less time on the job and lower operating costs – while their larger footprint offers greater flotation and less soil compaction. On hard surfaces, the “comfort zone” in the tractor lug design means greater operator comfort and less machinery vibration. In addition to that, Vredestein tyres offer long, long service life – proven in New Zealand conditions.

Continental TractorMaster

The name says it all. The all-new Continental farm tyres by Continental. Minimum soil compaction. N-flex technology for maximum puncture resistance and bounce back.

Maxam MS951R Agrixtra

An extra hard worker that has all the reinforcements you need to give it a tough time and be sure it'll keep working. And working. And working.

Farm Implement Tyre: Vredestein Flotation Pro

Radial tyre for contractors & farmers. Even pressure distribution over the contact area sturdy and flexible carcass construction gives good sideways stability unique tread minimal soil compaction, rutting & turf damage good flotation properties ideal for transport at higher speeds (70km/h) high comfort level, with low noise long lifespan reduced susceptibility to tread damage excellent self-cleaning properties low rolling resistance (fuel saving)

Dual Wheel Systems

We supply and fit dual wheel systems - new, used & trade.

Used Agricultural Tyres

We carry up to 200 used agricultural tyres in stock, which are available for sale, or as loan tyres.

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