All Tyres can supply and fit tyres for passenger cars.

All Tyres supply tyres for cars & 4WD vehicle. Promotional image showing Maxxis MA-T1 “Escapade” tyres.

Our stocked brands cover the range from premium high-performance to quality budget — there’s a tyre for every requirement.

Below is a small selection of featured tyres. Please contact us for the full range of options — just about any tyre in the market can be sourced.


Maxxis Victra MA-Z4S – high-speed handling, refinement & all-weather traction

Maxxis MA-Z4S Victra

The MA-Z4S is designed to offer high-speed handling and refinement along with all-weather traction and a comfortable ride.

  • ultra-high performance all season tyre
  • outstanding high speed stability and handling
  • excellent wet road traction
  • refined, comfortable ride
  • M&S all-season rated
  • rim protector
  • UTQG 420 AA A

Details and available sizes on the Maxxis website.

Vitora SPORT LIFE - Premium asymmetric high performance tyre


A premium asymmetric high performance tyre.

  • asymmetrical tread design for high performance capabilities
  • outstanding wet and dry traction
  • inside shoulder with high void ratio design provides excellent water dispersion
  • optimised tread block and pitch sequence offers a quiet, comfortable ride


We stock a range of competitively priced, good quality standard tyres for your everyday requirements.

HiFly HF201 — non-directional hard-wearing passenger car tyre

HiFly HF201 (Passenger Car)

Reliable and long wearing, HF201 tyres are available in most family car sizes.

  • low rolling resistance
  • longer lasting tread life
  • positive steering — solid continuous centre rib
  • maximum wet road traction
  • non-directional allows easy tyre rotation