Selection of agricultural tyres and axels available from All Tyres

All Tyres, we specialise in agricultural tyre sales and service:

Loan tyre service

Our extensive stock of used agricultural tyres (featured below) is available for immediate fitting as a loan tyre while your own tyre is repaired, or a replacement sourced.

Tractor tyres

Tractor tyres — new, used & trade.

Other brands available on request in crossply and radial.

Vredestein Traxion+ tractor tyre

Vredestein Traxion+ tractor radial

For optimal performance both on the land and during transportation, choose the Traxion+.

  • excellent traction
  • optimal transportation safety
  • reduced soil compaction
  • minimised turf damage
  • driver comfort
  • long lifespan
Starmaxx TR110 general purpose R1 farm front and rear tyre with standard profile and tread design for high traction tractors

Starmaxx TR110 tractor radial

Long proven radial lug tyre for agricultural applications.

  • excellent traction
  • long service life
  • highly damage resistant
  • self cleaning
  • low soil compaction

Farm implement tyres

BKT TR882 Kevlar belt 14PR tyre on-road/off-road all weather

BKT TR882 Kevlar Belt Tyre

Traction pattern, suitable for on and off road use.

  • suitable for all weather conditions
  • pattern is engineered to provide excellent traction to drive wheels
  • suitable for implement, industrial & construction use
Vredestein FLOATION PRO radial tyre for contractors & farmers


Radial tyre for contractors & farmers.

  • even pressure distribution over the contact area
  • sturdy and flexible carcass construction gives good sideways stability
  • unique tread
  • minimal soil compaction, rutting & turf damage
  • good flotation properties
  • ideal for transport at higher speeds (70km/h)
  • high comfort level, with low noise
  • long lifespan
  • reduced susceptibility to tread damage
  • excellent self-cleaning properties
  • low rolling resistance (fuel saving)

Dual wheel systems

We supply and fit dual wheel systems - new, used & trade.

We supply Snaplok & Cobra dual tractor wheel systems

Used agricultural tyres

Part of All Tyres’ stock of used agricultural tyres, available for sale, and as loan tyres

We carry up to 200 used agricultural tyres in stock, which are available for sale, or as loan tyres.